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Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]
Rose x Clara Fans!!!
by Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter)
at December 6th, 2013 (11:48 pm)

For the fans!!!


and in case you didn't know: gwen_and_rose

Jill [userpic]
Howl to the Heavens, Doctor Who/Supernatural
by Jill (meatball42)
at September 8th, 2013 (02:55 am)

Title: Howl to the Heavens
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Castiel, Bad Wolf
Warnings (including spoilers): Spoilery for Supernatural's season 6 finale and most of season 7, also for Doctor Who season 1 finale.
Wordcount: 866 words
Summary: Two servants of the Plan are the only ones who can understand each other.

Lady Manson [userpic]
by Lady Manson (ladymanson)
at June 24th, 2012 (05:49 pm)

8 New Wallpapers
- 1 Doctor Who
- 1 Mulholland Drive
- 1 Supernatural
- 1 True Blood
- 1 Veronika Decides to Die
- 3 Wuthering Heights


See them HERE...

Yusagi [userpic]
Video - Pieces (Master/Rose AU PG-13)
by Yusagi (darkbunnyrabbit)
at June 14th, 2012 (11:42 am)

Title: Pieces
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Pieces, by Linkin Park
Rating: PG-13 (There's one or two sexual references)
Series: Doctor Who
Summary: Spoilers for seasons three and four.

AU assuming for whatever reason there is no Doctor. Rose takes the place of Lucy, first falling for and following the Master faithfully, but over the year slowly realizing just how horrifying he's made Earth. Their relationship is more mutually caustic than Master/Lucy.

The POV is mostly Rose's, but like the relationship, they play a little bit of tug of war over it. It's also not entirely linear, but the plot should still be clear. Their relationship has the both of them so entwined with each other, neither one of them can really let go, even if they want to, and they both will suffer if they do.

Of note: Rose is often dolled up because it's more becoming of the Wife of the Master of the Earth, and she freely moves between the Valiant and Earth.

Link: here

kilodalton [userpic]
Nu Who Meta: Rose Tyler and father figures in The Idiot's Lantern
by kilodalton (kilodalton)
at May 21st, 2012 (10:23 am)

The Doctor Who Meta Community is a weekly discussion comm that sponsors topics relating to both Nu Who and Classic Who. Every Monday is a new topic relating to Nu Who, and every Wednesday is a new topic relating to Classic Who.

This week, we discuss Rose encouraging Tommy to run after his dad at the end of The Idiot's Lantern, and if that reflects her own relationship with her father. Feel free to come give your thoughts!

Lady Manson [userpic]
by Lady Manson (ladymanson)
at March 14th, 2012 (12:27 am)

New Wallpapers
- 2 Doctor Who
- 1 Genevieve Cortese/Jared Padalecki
- 1 Twilight Zone


See them all HERE.

SHINOBI [userpic]
Fic: Our Story's Lookin' Up -- Doctor Who
by SHINOBI (shinobi_mi_chan)
at February 5th, 2012 (10:22 pm)

Title: Our Story's Looking Up (A Coming Out of Sorts)
Characters: Rose, The Doctor, Jabe
Word Count: 1116
Warnings: language
Notes: My first foray into the Doctor Who fandom, woot! Set during the season one episode, "The End of the World", (it's the second episode) the one where Rose and The Doctor go see the end of the Earth and meet a bunch of aliens. I was playing out the conversation between Jabe and Rose and basically I wrote what I wished Rose had said, and ta-da! This happened. Um. Enjoy? Comments are absolute love and such.

Rose is not oblivious. A bit overwhelmed, maybe, but that’s understandable, considering the fact that she’s a great deal further along in the Earth’s timeline than she ever quite expected to be, and she’s surrounded by alien species whose very existence she never before dared to dream of.

ella [userpic]
fanfic: Somewhere only Wolves know, tardis/rose
by ella (starbelles)
at December 29th, 2011 (12:42 pm)

Title: Somewhere only Wolves Know
Characters/Pairings: Gen; Rose, the TARDIS
Length: 180 words
Rating: G
I don't own any of these characters.

It's a rare time without a conscious madman, only the wolf of fair hair roams the corridors tonight.

read here @ letsskyrocket

Lady Manson [userpic]
by Lady Manson (ladymanson)
at November 28th, 2011 (03:58 pm)

- 1 Doctor Who Wallpaper


See everything HERE.

Lady Manson [userpic]
28,879 Doctor Who Series One HD Screencaps 1280x720
by Lady Manson (ladymanson)
at November 16th, 2011 (04:29 am)

Doctor Who Series Ones HD Screencaps
28,879 Caps
See them HERE.

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