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Rose Tyler: Girl Adventurer Ficathon Masterlist!

It's here - posting day for the Rose Tyler: Girl Adventurer Ficathon!

The masterlist is alphabetical by author; links will be added as stories are posted. Please leave a comment on this post with a link to your story so that it can be added to the list (if it's not posted to the community where I will see it). The story may be posted on this community, your own journal, off-LJ, etc. so long as it is publicly accessible. Several extensions have been granted, with a new due date for those of November 21st (though they may be posted earlier). These extensions are noted in the list.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and producing great Rose fic!

*airelin wrote for ionlylurkhere: Kinetics (Rose, Jake, G)
*airelin wrote for leighleighla: Historia Moerae (Rose, a whack of great supporting characters, G) (awesome backup!)
*biichan wrote for laurus_nobilis: this is your life (it's what you make of it), (Rose, Mickey, Jake, Jackie, Yuuko (xxxHolic x-over, PG)
*doyle_sb4 wrote for some_stars: The Polar Bears' Golf Club (Rose, Ace, PG-13)
*ionlylurkhere wrote for livii: Going Forward, In All Her Beliefs (Rose, other companions, G)
*kiarasayre wrote for doyle_sb4: Carpooling (Rose, Mickey, Jake, PG)
*laurus_nobilis wrote for kiarasayre: At the Heart of the Maze (Rose, Mickey, Jake, PG)
*leighleighla wrote for ladyyueh: The Day to Day Adventures of a Stranger in a Strange Land (Rose, Mickey, Jake, PG-13/R)
*noblealice wrote for netgirl_y2k: preserving time lines and sanity (Rose, Mickey, Jake, Back to the Future x-over, PG)
*livii wrote for noblealice: Asterisk (Rose, Cathica, PG-13)
*livii wrote for biichan: Go Places (Rose, Mickey, Zoe, PG) (backup)
*in_the_end wrote for airelin: The Secret Correspondences of a Travelling World Saver (Rose, Mickey, PG)
*netgirl_y2k wrote for in_the_end: Happiness and Satisfaction (Rose/Martha, G)
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