Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth

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Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth
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Welcome to rose_lives, a community for fans of the character Rose Tyler, who travelled with the Doctor as a companion during the 2005 and 2006 series of Doctor Who, and reappeared during the 2008 series.

This community is meant to provide a space to discuss Rose's character and her role in the series. It is an equal opportunity space, but absolutely no flaming or bashing will be tolerated for any character. Please read the rules below before joining.

  • No character bashing, of any character, ever. Reasonable discussion and debate is, however, encouraged. You do not have to love Rose to post here, but there must be rhyme and reason to your criticism, and no posting solely to rile Rose fans. On the flip side, you obviously may love Rose here, but you may not harass those who don't agree. Of particular note is that there is to be no bashing of Martha Jones or characters such as Madame de Pompadour or Mickey Smith.

  • No icons. There are plenty of other places on LJ to post icons (try dwicons, or rose_stills for a Rose-centric icon community). This will keep community traffic more manageable.

  • Heavily Rose-centric vids, fanmixes, layouts, art, and mood themes are acceptable, as they are less common.

  • No Rose/Doctor (any incarnation of the Doctor) or Rose/Doctor/Jack fic. time_and_chips covers the first and better_with_3 covers the latter already. This will also help keep community traffic more manageable. The Doctor/Rose relationship is not taboo here, by any stretch of the imagination, but if discussed must be from a Rose-focused context that centers on her as an independent person from the ship.

  • All other Rose fic is welcome and encouraged. This could include Rose gen (which may feature the Doctor, but not in an overtly romantic context), Rose/Mickey, Rose/Sarah Jane, Rose/Mickey/Jake, Rose/altuniverse!Brigadier - in other words, anything except romantic Rose/Doctor or Rose/Doctor/Jack fic is allowed. Variety in Rose fic is the goal, to explore her from different angles, but remembering the rules above - keeping it focused on her, the character as an independent person - is highly preferable, no matter what the pairing.

  • Discussion of Billie Piper should be kept to a minimum. Try billie_love for discussion about the lovely Ms. Piper.

  • The basics for fic: please use lj-cuts for all entries. Links and fake cuts to personal journals are acceptable, but do not turn off comments. Please provide all relevant warnings and ratings.

  • This journal may contain material that is rated 18+/NC-17/Adults Only. Please use appropriate discretion when reading the community.

Spoiler Policy: Everything through the end of Season 4/30 is not considered a spoiler at this point, so read at your own risk. However, please employ lj-cuts for episode-specific spoilers and speculation. As well, with 40 years of canon, don't assume that everyone is familiar with all of it; if a fic or discussion is spoilery for specific plot points from past shows/books/audios/etc, please cut and warn as well.

Community Promotion: If you have a community related to Rose or Billie Piper, you may make one post to promote the community. Please do not continue to post with updates, challenges, etc.

Moderation: This community was created and is moderated by livii. She's a huge Rose fan, but has an iron fist when it comes to character bashing. The community will be strictly moderated. PLEASE READ THE USERINFO BEFORE POSTING. I will ban for spoilers, and at some point will ban for icons as well since it clearly shows you did not read the userinfo/rules. Please email alivii@gmail.com if you have any questions, criticisms, issues, etc, or if you want to affiliate (or want your community name removed from the userinfo above).

Layout: thanks to sarah531 for the beautiful layout and graphics. Thanks also to refche for the help in implementing them.
Moodtheme: created by livii - .zip file available for personal use on request.
Paid time: thanks to kammgirl for providing the community with a paid account!

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